Att sälja immateriella tillgångar på en internationell marknad

Vi ställde oss frågan: Hur säljer man som liten företagare sina immateriella tillgångar på en internationell marknad? För att reda ut begreppen bad vi Hidero Niioka, grundare och chef för IPEXCHANGE, reflektera över förutsättningarna.


Thank you for the invitation to contribute to your blog.

IPEXC.COM – IPEXCHANGE is an online marketplace for IP owners to market their IP for sale or license. It aims especially to address some of the difficulties that individual patent owners and SMEs have in monetizing their IP.

Historically, only large companies have had the available resources and large number of patents held to successfully commercialize their IP. Smaller entities and individuals are often excluded from the market due to the lower numbers of patents held and upfront fees and transaction costs.

A further barrier to monetization is the limited platforms for independent IP owners and SMEs to market their patents. In our survey the majority of independent patent holders and SMEs surveyed listed patent offices as the first place they would go for advice on marketing their IP (40 out of 50 surveyed.) Only 1 out of 10 larger companies said they would use their international patent office for this purpose, usually marketing through their own IP department or external law firms.

For individuals and SMEs utilizing international patent offices for this purpose, support is very limited. Only 2 out of 30 surveyed provided links relating to direct IP monetization. Some had links to attorneys/patent attorneys, some had no information at all.

For innovation to flourish, individual IP owners and SMEs need a cost effective and effective channel to market their IP. We seek to achieve this in three ways: Firstly, by eliminating prohibitive upfront costs; secondly by providing bundling options to increase the leverage of individually held patents, and thirdly by actively marketing through social media and our own targeted / BTL marketing efforts.

Response to the IPEXC.COM platform has been very positive. After only a few weeks’ operation we have over 350 patents listed on our platform, and around 100 copyrights with visitors from more than 55 countries. Listing on our platform is simple, free and there are no limits on the number of patents you can list, or the time they can appear on our platform.

If you are interested in selling or licensing your intellectual property, please sign up at IPEXC.COM, or we welcome your questions and feedback at

To innovation!

Hidero Niioka

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